Complimentary Tyre Inspection

Your tyres are among one of the most important safety features of your Mercedes-Benz. They keep you safe on the road, so it is extremely important that they are kept in their best condition with regular tyre inspections, especially in between service intervals.

Coming into the colder months, your tyres’ performance can be compromised by wet road conditions. It is therefore extremely important that your tyres are at their best to ensure optimal vehicle performance, shock absorption and driving comfort under challenging conditions.

Your tyre inspection includes:
- Pressure check
- Tyre rotation (to reduce wear)
- Tread depth inspection (ensuring legal tread for safe use is present)

Did you know that MO (Mercedes-Benz Original) and MOE (Mercedes-Benz Original Extended/Run-flat) tyres are designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles? Each tyre is tailored and designed to work with the suspension and handling of your vehicle. This means that MO and MOE tyres are the best option for your Mercedes-Benz.

You can secure the safest operating condition for your vehicle by visiting Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coat for a complimentary tyre inspection.

Our service team are also available on 1300 MY BENZ and are happy to help you with any questions you might have.