Mercedes-Benz Genuine Wipers

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Wipers

Wiper blades are designed to clean your car’s windscreen and ensure maximum visibility whether you're driving in summer or winter, rain or snow. The performance of your car’s windscreen wipers is essential for safe and legal motoring.

In line with Mercedes-Benz commitment to high standards of safety and performance we recommend your wiper blades are replaced at least every 12 months.

Mercedes-Benz wiper blades are designed to perfectly match your car’s windscreen, so you get the best performance and minimal wind noise.

Improved visiblity

Our wiper blades exactly match the size, shape and curve of your windscreen.

Value for money

We only use premium materials to ensure they last longer.


Our wipers are specifically designed to match the aerodynamics of your car, minimising wind noise and judder.