EQC Maintenance.

Keep your EQC running at its best, discover features to help maintain and enhance your vehicle.
EQC Maintenance

Service and Wear and Tear Options.

Service Options.
In order to retain your vehicle’s safety, functionality and value to optimum effect, our service options cover all your EQC’s service work and any additional items as stipulated in your Digital Service Booklet for the duration of 3 years or 75,000km, 4 years or 100,000km, or 5 years or 125,000km (whichever occurs first).

Factory-trained technicians will carry out functional and visual examinations on your vehicle and replace those specified service parts when required, to get you back on the road sooner.

Vehicle Standard Warranty.

Vehicle Standard Warranty.
The Owner Protection Plan for the EQC provides 3 years unlimited kilometre coverage, including coverage for the 12-volt battery. The EQC Owner Protection Plan also covers the High Voltage (HV) Battery for 8 years or 160,000km, whichever occurs first.

All precautions, which are usual and reasonable, have been taken to ensure the quality of the materials and workmanship in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. However, if any manufacturing defect arises and is presented to one of the Company’s Authorised Mercedes-Benz EQ Retailers or Authorised Mercedes-Benz EQ Service and Parts Centres within the protection period outlined in the terms and conditions, upon examination of the vehicle, if the defect is determined to be caused by defective material or workmanship, Mercedes-Benz Australia will repair the vehicle and/or replace (at its election) the defective part at no cost to you*.

*Refer to the EQC Owner Protection Plan terms and conditions for further details. A copy of this document is available upon request.

Customer Assistance.

Customer Assistance
In addition to the tailor-made service packages, a dedicated customer service team for EQC drivers is available across Australia. Employees with specific EQC training will be available to answer all your questions relating to your vehicle and also provide assistance in case of a breakdown - due to a flat high-voltage battery.

For example, a push of the 'me' button in the overhead control panel of your EQC is all it takes. Rapid assistance is supported by remote vehicle diagnostics, which saves valuable time in case of a potential problem. 

With Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance, you will remain mobile even if your vehicle comes to a standstill.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories.

Genuine Accessories.
At Mercedes-Benz, there are no compromises when it comes to developing the range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories. Perfectly tailored to your vehicle and extensively tested by our engineers, the products not only make an active contribution to your safety but also protect other road users. 
Click below to discover more about our available EQC Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories via the Accessories Configurator.

EQ Vehicle Charging Station.

EQ Charging
At Mercedes-Benz, we offer a selection of EQC charging options to suit your individual needs. Whether you are looking to charge conveniently and quickly using a home Wallbox, en route at a public charging station, or at a conventional socket checked by an electrician  - our high degree of flexibility ensures these are possible, for maximum charging convenience. 
For information on Wallbox installation, please contact your preferred Authorised Mercedes-Benz EQ Retailer or Authorised Mercedes-Benz EQ Service and Parts Centre.

*Information provided and images displayed on this page may include overseas models and features not available in Australia. Please contact us for specific information on vehicles and features available in Australia. Product changes may have been made since production of this content.